October 11, 2020

Fantasy Sports

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Fantasy Sports is a separate world in itself where players from all over the world lose themselves, handpicking every player, team and everything and it all comes alive, more engaging, and addictive when it is powered by APIs. APIs integrated with Fantasy Apps to provide a realistic interface that makes it more appealing. Regardless of which sports Fantasy App caters to, football, basketball, or cricket,fantasy sports data provider have been successfully working with app developers for quite many years,andnowFantasy Sports is a billion-dollar industry, These fantasy sports data API integration with existing Web, Android, and iOS applications as well.

How does API fit in the Fantasy sports world?

Taking an example of a restaurant,suppose a person comes in there to eat and there is only one staff in the kitchen, now you require a channel to convey your order to the kitchen and a channel for that order to reach your table. Now it cannot be done by the staff because he has kitchen duty to attend to, now this creates a need for an interface between the cook and the client this is where API fits in, API as the serving staff would take your order to convey it to the kitchen and keeps everything running smoothly by bringing the prepared meal, in this case, back to you. APIs help run the interface smoothly.

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Data Sports Group aims to provide these fantasy sports platform API that will make sure your fantasy apps run like well-oiled machines. Years of experience in the industry have enabled us to understand client requirements. We offer a unique combination of live and archive data, extensive coverage with team and player statistics.

REAL-TIME SPORTS COVERAGE: We cover a vast variety of competitions live, and compile all the match information with player statistics with the help of our experienced data analysts we calculate accurate fantasy points.

UPDATED PLAYER STATS: Get up to date statistics for any player Injury & Suspension for squad selection, saving you the time by feeding all the relevant information in one single API.

DFS, DRAFT-BASED, WEEKLY OR SEASON LONG: Whatever model your fantasy app runs on we can serve all your needs,our robust predictive and analysis models empowered by decade’s worth of historical data help deliver new insights, engaging your fan even more.

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SPORTS NEWS AND ANALYSIS: To make sure your client stays up to date with the sport-specific knowledge we also provide sports news on a daily bases.

Further, we also offer SLA driven settlement services for points & pay-outs. We offer you the whole nine yards of fantasy sports data to power your application with a single API solution.


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