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Connect to our trusted Sports Data Feeds and enrich your sports content. Our full sports content catalogue is available through our API service with unrivalled access to in-depth high quality sports statistics and livescores in a unified format across all sports. Using this service is simple, choose between XML or JSON pull services we offer to deliver the content straight to your platform.

Backed with technical documentation, starter codes in various programming languages and example API calls you can kickstart experiencing our data services in a short period.


  • pointer    Standard & Custom Sports Data API options
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  • pointer    Simple Data Integration Kit
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Product Features
API Signup

API Signup

Whether you're looking to build an official Data Sports Group integration for your service, or you just want to build something awesome, we can help you get started.Our documentation portal provides everything you need to get started using our API. In order to experience the service, you need to sign up to receive an API key. Signup for free below or contact a member of our sales team if you'd like assistance.


Clients typically switching sports data providers are looking for an easy way to consume DSG's services with minimal downtime or transition effort. To address this, we have migration packs that make the switch from your previous data provider hassle-free. Integrate our services seamlessly without losing information structure & data that was previously licensed. All of it backed with our responsive support team you would be in safe hands.

Migration Pack


Several mobile apps within the Android, Apple and third-party app stores use DSG's sports data to deliver Livescores, Head to Head, Game Summaries & Statistics to their users. Mobile application developers are looking for less intensive resources in terms of bandwidth, latency and overheads to publish the data directly on their apps.

DSG's data feed optimization services provide a unique way for developers to integrate sports data. Our Customized Sports Data API & XML Livescore service is a perfect fit for mobile use as we tailor the API output to suit the needs of the app.

As an example: DSG supplies custom unique endpoint aggregating data output into one single API call, tailoring the output exactly to the needs of the app page. Key benefits for application developers:

(a)Better Bandwidth Usage: Only relevant data points needed to be displayed on the app are supplied, eliminating additional data points that are not desired. This allows for efficient bandwidth usage while calling our services.

(b)Improved Latencies: For livescores service, an option to load data from our API into the app is provided so it reduces the need to store data at the client's end and then stream it. This service allows for quicker live updates for push notifications.

(c)Seamless Implementation Experience: Our custom solutions are built to provide efficiency, speed, featuring and scalability. A great way to select the data needed, implement it the way you need it and configure the experience for your users.