August 5, 2022


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Sports is one of the few industries where customersexperience is not just affected by the consumption but the way the product is presented and packaged for the consumers affects the experience too. There are a lot of factors involved that decide how you cheer for your favorite sports team even broadcasters have a big role to play.

Well imagine you have completed your to-do list, and in your leisure time you want to watch sports, now how you watch and consume it affects your experience, whether it is on a wall-mounted flatscreen with surround sound, or a computer, mobile, or a table. Also, you could be involved in other activities as well whilst watching sports, like going through your social media apps or consuming more stats about the upcoming games through other digital mediums. Or some might even place their bets and create their fantasy lines ups.

Sports in the past had limited viewings and engagements from fans as the broadcast tech was outdated and the media landscape was also not that impressive but with Digital technologies and techs like AI, Virtual reality, and data analytics, the way we consume sports has become a personalized experience for many but the most revolutionary development was live sports streaming.

Before the advent of live streaming ratings of television shows or cable network programming was running quite low below the sustainable level until the live aspect of sports created more demands for the broadcasts and which involved billions of dollars in rights deal and much more ad revenues.

Social media involvement by sports fans has also been exceptional you cannot hope to go back and watch your recorded live game without getting some spoilers about LeBrons monster dunk or a game-winning buzzer-beater.

Live Sports and the change it brought out in the consumption habit.

live sports feedIf you look at Netflix and its model, it reduced the wait time for viewers when it comes to watching series or episodes by releasing the entire season before the weekend which all but forces people to binge-watch the entire season, if the show is interesting!

Similarly, live streaming has forced the viewer's hands to consume the sports live and stay in the moment even if they cannot travel to the stadium to witness their favorite sports teams in action. The playoff stage and finals get more interest by viewers and watching it unfold live is a different kind of experience. With live streaming, all the Lakers fans got to experience the moment when LeBron James realized his dream of lifting the championship trophy with his teammates and quenching the decade-long thirst ofthe Lakers for the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. It would be an experience worth of lifetime for some of the fans.

Media houses are making these a reality for each and every sports fan around the world. Fans would relate to all that Professional athletes go through during the competition phase. Live streaming helps in realizing the special, spirited flywheel effect of competition, athleticism, and fandom.

The challenge of pulling younger fans

Live streaming might pull in an audience but it is a challenging task for the network to meet the demands oftentimes and continue to come up with innovative ways to speak to the younger demographics. Broadcasters have yet to find their hook when it comes to young audiences who are shifting more towards digital platforms as their source for reliable sports data. What spoke to the previous generation, the over-the-air television and cable would not work for live sports scores api the new generation they demand more personalized feeds and crave engagement. Younger fans want to be an active part of the game not just watch it on their devices.

What is then the future of sports?

The number of devices that are available at the disposal of every sports fan affects the way they watch sports today this gives the networks unlimited possibilities and mediums they could use to reach their loyal customer base and target new audiences as well. Fantasy and daily fantasy sports are the new facets of the sports industry even the Esports industry has its own specific Fantasy leagues. New avenues of growth can be tapped into with better technological development like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and wearable technology which can even speak to the younger audience and involve them more with the game. With limited stadium sitting, it is these technologies that can help broadcasters speak to millions of fans across the world. All you need to get started is a live sports data provider!

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