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consultancyData Sports Group is a specialist service provider offering a wide range of consultancy services for the media & gaming sector. Backed by a strong management team that has worked with digital media companies across the globe for more than a decade, DSG has a set of in-house professionals to provide expertise ranging from project conceptualization, content acquisition & go to market strategies.

DSG has forged strategic alliances with experts and contacts across every continent to deliver a local consultation approach to local & global challenges.

We also provide advice on agencies that have the right expertise to service your requirements be it broad or niche. The competitive edge is that with our industry networking across global agencies we are able to offer better negotiation for the services that you are looking to acquire.


  • Business strategy & Revenue Generation
  • Market Research & Market Foray Planning
  • Product Acquisition
  • Site & Content Optimization
  • Technology Services for the sports sector

turkeyWe provide turnkey solutions to the gaming & media industry where we bring together our product and service experience into a compelling package.

From launching a new sports website or developing an exciting application to providing inexpensive football widgets and responsive sports web design, DSG can offer its services on a turnkey basis to translate that vision into reality.

You can rely on our in-house teams and our network of vendors to deliver a project within reasonable timeframes with high quality project management experience


  • Project Management Services
  • Structured Project conceptualization
  • Buidling websites & engaging social audiences
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Content capture & writing
  • Service Provider Migration Packs

Our Solutions







Start-ups have a vision that need help translating into reality. We mentor start-ups with research & analysis allowing them a quicker approach to foray into the market with their product.

Start-ups also benefit from our cost effective suite of products that allow them the advantage to acquire more content. Our rich football statistics database will also help to optimize content of their webpages.


We can partner websites to enhance engagement on social channels through interactive methods. Portals also benefit from our localised solutions to translate their content and reach more local audiences across the globe.

We also work with websites to introduce their content to multi-device layouts allowing their users to experience the content in the way they choose. Our mobile application development service also allows websites to promote their content through application stores across platforms.


Telecom agencies are looking for different ways to enhance their VAS offerings. With the increased adoption of smartphones and changing consumer habits, we can offer solutions that are quicker for telecom companies to monetize their subscriber base.

All our sports content is available live to your users via a push alert notification system.


We work with many newspaper agencies across developing markets to digitalise their content. Our services allow news agencies to unlock revenue streams by allowing their readers access to a more structured and compelling sports sections.

Our Sports Widget products are helping such agencies acquire sports content quickly thereby helping them retain users to their portals.


Brands can benefit from our suite of data-driven content products to enhance their sport sponsorships. Uniquely designed campaigns activation tools enable us to deliver an engaging sports data experience to targeted audiences.

We offer full campaign management services & sponsor portals for season long & one time tournaments.