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Backed with a robust platform and guaranteed uptime, our Sports Data API provides developers with an easy to understand data structure . In addition to that, we provide 24×7 email support to answer all your integration queries.

A unique feature of our service is the ability to customize the feed according to a client need. These customized Sports Data Pull Feeds will enable clients to have the data structure of their choice instead of our standard Sport Data API.


  • Standard & Custom Sports Data API options
  • Complete content catalogue availability
  • Simple integration
  • Multiple languages available
  • Round the clock support


Mobile application industry has special needs due to the limitations of bandwidth. Our customized Sports Data API & XML livescore service is a perfect fit for mobile use as we tailor the API to your needs, allowing them to experience easy implementation of our API into the mobile application.

This customized solution for the specific needs of mobile apps gives clients control on the output & volume of data within a data structure of their choice. This unique solution to the marketplace has allowed mobile application providers to experience the best implementation of our sports content.