Our Products


widgetsWe offer easy to use Sports Widgets that give you the flexibility to place sports content anywhere you like. Our widgets can be embedded to a website as drag and drop attachments to news articles, team pages, banners and more. All of this can be achieved with minimum technical input from clients.

We offer a selection of Widgets to cater to requirements of portals

  Homepage Widget
  Competition Widget
  Team & Player Widget
  Live Sports scores widget

We offer customization with minimum or maximum effort options. Minimum effort options include changes to styling, resizing widget blocks & links to other website page
Maximum effort customization would include options like adding integrated ad text units nand/or banners which include Geo-Targeting .
The Widgets that we serve are fully hosted and maintained on our servers. This product offers you an opportunity to acquire our content in an out-of-the box solution and applying your own brand & identity


  • Flexible & Customizable Sports Data Widgets
  • Out of the box solution – including setup and hosting
  • Responsive design – look & feel of your website
  • Multiple languages available


News portals, Football Websites & Blogs look for a quick and neat way of embedding sports stats and data into their website. Our Sports Data Widget not only helps them embed the content in the look & feel of their website , it also allows us to tailor it to have the most relevant content set always available to audiences of the portal.