Our Products


customOur ability to offer bespoke solutions to clients allows us to cater to specialized needs of the industry. We believe that client requirements often are never the same and hence we provide flexibility with our product suite be it the Sports Data API, Widgets or Microsite solutions.

Bespoke Sports Data API:

We can develop a Sports Data API from scratch and tailor it to the need of the client. This unique customization model allows clients not just some minor changes over our API but allows for a full range of customization, in short, an XML structure you always wanted!

Customized Sports Data Widgets & Microsite:

Unlimited customization options enable us to offer a compelling solution for media customers to have their own product. Our localization features allow us to serve the same content in multiple languages across platforms.


  • Fully customizable and developed from scratch
  • Responsive Sports Data Widgets and Microsites
  • Multi-Device with same implementation
  • Multiple branding & advertising options to suit your needs


Media websites delivering live sports news use our Bespoke Sports Data Solutions to enable them to have a unique design without having to develop it using internal resources. Our experience allows to deliver a cost effective solution giving them the flexibility to integrate own or 3rd party content into our existing content suite.