March 11, 2021

Sports Analytics

Tokyo was the first Asian country to host the Olympics in 1964, with 5133 athletes taking part from 93 nations, to compete in 163 events across 20 sports competitions. The Tokyo Olympics was a huge success as the country kickstarted its economic growth in the post-war world to bring in peace and tranquility. The country’s economy then grew by leaps and bounds leaving behind their tragic past and starting over. Tokyo once again returns to the Olympic calendar after a long wait. 

The most engrossing and eventful global sports tournament would be held in Tokyo this year after a year-long delay. Over 3.6 Billion tuned in to watch the Rio Olympics in 2016, do not let the opportunity pass you by this year, be part of the action and engage your audience with round-the-clock online Olympic coverage of over 39 sports and book your profit in advance.

Data Sports Group can support your Olympic coverage needs and make you part of the conversation. With comprehensive and high-quality coverage, give your customers live updates of all that goes on in Tokyo by integrating the Olympic data with your platform through industry-leading solutions.

Tokyo Olympic DataStay on top of Olympics schedules & events and engage with live scores, Olympic game statistics, country information & athlete profiles all in one place. We have a separate section to let your audience know when new records are set. Everything from Olympics Record, World Record, Personal Best, Season Best would be meticulously tracked and made available for your audience. We strive to serve Publishers, Rights Holders & Broadcasters, Digital Media Platforms, Mobile Fantasy & Gaming Platforms with a unique and customizable offering for all.

What sets us apart?

A Live Medals table: Making data easily accessible and consumable, along with the country’s rankings & athletes' positions all in one place. Our services would let you experience the best that the Olympics has to offer while taking a deep dive into the historical data for comparative analysis and a comprehensive view of athlete’s Olympic careers.

Customizable packs: Choose to include country-specific data for your region-specific customers and get the coverage as per your desire, no bombarding of irrelevant information, be specific, concrete and showcase schedules, scores & statistics of the events of your choosing, for the athletes of your choice.

One of the most popular means of reaching your targeted audience is social media and realising the importance of it, our content is ready to be engaged in the platform with intuitive tools. Engage your fans with our completely adaptable solution that could be modified as per your design and setup in-game triggers for graphics creation and overlay our data in such graphics. 

What's More? 

Live Olympic DataAround the clock Olympic Live Blog session that would help you stay on top of anything and everything to deliver an immersive experience. Our blogs would have an analytical bent as well, with a take on potential records that would be achieved and new records being set, it would also include a detailed comparison of athletes’ performance so far or how it had been in the past Olympic event as well as a take on interesting facts and events that would take place.  

Along with a live blog, get captivating editorial support as well for players, their detailed profiling with biography. Editorials would be driven by data-driven facts and provide a steady stream of content online. We would offer live coverage of 18 games out of the 39 sports catalogs. 

All that is left for you to do is choose your integration method

Get your hands on Olympic soccer stats as well as other game stats, with three different methods of integrations to choose from, DSG feels proud to give you the choice between Olympic API, Widgets or a Hosted solution to meet your needs. The all-powerful Olympics API would basically integrate all the sports API into one and provide a unified output, thus instead of managing 39 individual sports API, you manage just one. 

Another method is plug-and-play Widgets which could be customized as well and offer a more visually appealing experience that provides information on Schedules, Scores and Medals Tables.

Lastly, the hosted solution is a bundled product where you get to experience everything with no overheads for your team. With a dedicated team of data analysis and support staff to resort to your query, we have a wholesome solution worked out and ready to be deployed while offering the choice to scale at any time. Still on the fence about how to go about it? Get in touch with Data Sports Group and experience the ease we would bring in with a trial pack. 


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