October 16, 2020

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Any sports application or website built around sports data or sports betting data demands a smooth and reliable sports API. The success of such business can only be derived by using the best Sports API that fits your need perfectly and for that, you require a sports data feed provider. Few factors to keep in mind while shopping for Sports API is:

  • Ensure that the data quality is good
  • Live score coverage needs to quick and reliable
  • While evaluating choices try to test them out many providers offer free trials
  • Select a customizable API making scalability easier by adding and removing parameters

Where can you find the best live sports data provider?

Aren’t you tired of fleeting customers? You need to think out of the box, find ways to engage your customers more, keep them hooked. One of the sure-shot ways to keep them glued is the content. In the sports world the more content you have the more reasons they have to checkout your website. Data Sports Group provides an impressive collection of 35 sports that will increase the average time spent on your website

Our unrivaled content library covers more than 5000 competition Including major leagues both at the international and national level across 35 sports and constantly adding more.

Scalability would be easy with our affordable and rich data accompanied by a unique combination of live and historic data; we deliver a 360° coverage for your audiences supported by in-depth data and statistics generated by data analysts.

Unlock your potential, choose sports data API created by Data Sports Group to power your applications and websites. We offer:

Extensive Sports Coverage: High-quality data covering 35 sports and more than 5000 competitions.

Live sports content: We provide access to engaging live sports content for your users.

Free support: Free support service to help you integrate your data with ease.

Addons: Players statistics rankings and pre-match and post-match analysis.

Free trial: You can book a free trial of our sports API anytime.

Customization: Customize according to your business need with open documentation, integration would become even easier.

Global Sports Coverage. Scores, Stats, Odds

Our years of experience in the industry collecting and distributing reliable data with decades worth of historical data that delivers new insights has helped businesses uncover their potential and stay on top of their business because we will not stop innovating and bring you that WOW feature.

We provide detailed historical data feeds, to provide enlightening and insightful analysis that aid fast betting decisions. With the ability to combine our data with odds from leading bookmakers all in a single interface with the help of our intuitive Pre-Match widgets to display Head 2 Head, Form Guides, Under/Over, Top scorers, and more. Betting services would be unparalleled.

Now only that our combination of past and live data makes it the ideal choice for a fantasy game, be it DFS, draft-based, or season long. Our data will help engage your customers with live in-play scoring, team/player statistics, and commentary services.

Get data delivered via our XML & API sports data

Our leading product offering includes:

Cricket data API solutions

Basketball data API solutions

Soccer data API solutions

Baseball data API solutions

Badminton data API solutions

Ice Hockey data API solutions

Motorsports data API solutions

Tennis data API solutions

League of Legends data API solutions

PUBG data API solutions

Counter Strike GO data API solutions

Rainbow Six data API solutions

This is not an exhaustive list we offer so much more with an option to choose from our sports pack curated to serve the needs of budding businesses it includes: US Sports Pack, Olympic 2020 Pack, Esports Pack, Top 100 Soccer Pack are just a few examples.

All these Sports data solutions include Live coverage, Leading Competitions data, in-depth statistics on players, team, schedules, fixtures, Scorecard, etc.

Further, we offer special competition-related APIs like NBA API FIFA API as well.

Get your free trial today and don’t look back.


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