September 3, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - a term that has become the backbone of the sports industry in recent times. Ironically ten years back, no one could have ever thought that AI would be going to revolutionize the sports domain 360 degrees.

The sports industry is dependent on this technology for both on and off the pitch. All Thanks to its progressive learning algorithms and incredible accuracy.

AI technology is not like any other repetitive mechanical technology. It has a touch of human wisdom in it. The three arenas which AI focuses on:

  • Simulation of human senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
  • Simulation of learning and processing: machine learning, deep learning.
  • Simulation of human feedback: robotics.

And, the sports industry is not an exception. From soccer to Formula 1, Artificial Intelligence has changed the scenario of how we, as consumers view and consume content. Coming from leagues, regulators and fans, demand for real-time sports data has led to a generation of streaming APIs.

Artificial Intelligence impacts the sports industry steadfastly.  Here is how AI is revamping the sports industry:

  • Enhancing player's practice & performance through real-time data: AI in sports training is being used to provide real-time feedback and build customized training programs for players. Hence, improving the effectiveness and productivity of each individual. Hence, this Sports API will go to help them in measuring their progress.
  • Predictive Analysis: It improves the modeling process with authentic raw sports data. With better sensors, it is predicting better outcomes of competitions. These stats help the fans to have an accurate prediction.
  • Helping Coaches: Strategies are a game-changer in every sport. So, decisions about the line up before and during the game are now being influenced by computer analysis. Not only this, AI understands different metrics such as spin, speed, and placement of serves, even the position and motion of players. And, with the usage of Sports API, coaches have a better understanding of placing the players at the right place.

Artificial Intelligent Solutions are effectively generating new revenue opportunities and increasing fan engagement in the sports industry. Personalized digital experience through stadium apps, digital offers, and the recent news at a single click- this massive change has thrown out a world of possibilities.

Integrating Artificial Intelligent platforms with their sports technology, this is how Data sports group brings about interesting use cases for Media & Fan experiences:


  • Multilingual Chatbots and Voice Assistants: “Sports fans that see a brand message on social media are 78% more likely to have a positive perception of them.” - Julie Frank (Marketing Public Manager at Navigate Research)

Now, who doesn't want themselves to be seen by 78 percent? And, we Data sports group are the true go-getters. To be more specific, these chatbots and virtual assistants enhance the process manifolds. We use this technology effectively to answer fan inquiries over a wide range of topics such as game information, team & player statistics, ticketing, and venue information. Human customer representatives intervene if bots are not able to fulfill the customer's inquiries.

  • Video Peaks" You are very important for us."

We know how crucial video peaks are for all the fans out there. And, we make sure to provide you in-depth commentary and its analysis along with all action-packed highlights. Employing real-time minute to minute game data, timelines and stats provide an ability to assist production teams in creating highlight packages. Hence, saving the time of teams in manually selecting highlights and giving fans the best experience they deserve.

  • Algorithmic Journalism: “Interpret, arrange, and present data in human-readable ways."

This is exactly what DSG swears by. This is how you can utilize AI-driven automation to expand our sports coverage capabilities. Hence, giving you accurate news at the fastest speed possible. The most exciting part is you will be able to comprehend it very easily.  As you are important to us so is your language. The narratives will be fun to read and you will know the ins and outs.

You don't want to miss it out!!! Explore you sports coverage. Let's discuss an interesting use-case with an AI-led approach customized especially for you.


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