September 16, 2020

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For any kind of business to thrive in the current economy, a constant influx of data is required, the same holds true for the sports industry as well. Whether the aim is to build a startup, upgrade an existing business, gaming or hobby, its success depends on selecting the correct sports data API that serves its purpose efficiently and effectively. This blog serves as a guide for selecting the correct API for football data.

Get the real time soccer data Let’s suppose you have come across an incredible business opportunity for which you require credible football data. Since we live in the 21st century, you will need an online presence as well to engage with more customers on a daily basis. Thus, creating a need for football website, apps, fantasy football games, predictive betting website and other such platforms which would require constant sports statistics data feed.

First and foremost, question that you need to address is what kind of data do you wish to provide? Live scores, standings, fixtures, odds, or any other kind of football data? this will help us in understanding whether we need live sports data API as well or not.

The second step is selecting a reliable data provider. Plethora of such sports data providers already exists in the market. Thus, we begin our long and arduous journey for finding the perfect one. Along the journey we need to be careful of the pitfalls as well.

You could come across many free football APIs. Since business requires a lot of capital investment and a wise person will try to test these APIs to reduce its cost, you might also feel the need to do the same. Consider this an advice to never select such data providers without thorough investigation as often times such data is low quality in nature, often times it is inaccurate, with lagging live scores and duplicate data, therefore, affecting your credibility and in the long run you will lose your customers.

Further as you try to avoid low quality data, you will come across Football APIs which serves all your needs perfectly but are expensive in nature. Here we need to have a futuristic approach but keep in mind our ROI as well, it might not be feasible to select very expensive data providers.

While evaluating our options you need to keep in mind the following characteristics:

  • Data Quality – This goes without saying, the more credible your data is, the more customers it will pull in. you will definitely need good quality of data for your business, now what does good quality stands for? Basically, data needs to be accurate, complete, fast, and up-to-date.

fast and reliable data feed provider


  • Data Coverage-You also need to outline which leagues your business will cover and match that with the leagues covered by the provider, keeping in mind the growth potential of the business you need to select the one which covers the most football leagues. Eliminating the need to switch providers later on.
  • Live scores and match events- if they are a part of your business idea, you need to compare how fast those scores gets updated? Today’s customers are like butterflies, they have a tendency to switch very easily. So, ask yourself would a 40sec delay be acceptable to your customers? Could a competitor swoop in and woo your customers with a lesser delay time?
  • API Flexibility- Every business has to be unique in itself, to differentiate itself from its competitors. Thus, you will need to customize the data according to your business, a flexible API would allow you to do that easily.
  • Support- Lastly, after sale purchase support is also critical for the decision making. You need to compare how quick is there query resolving time? Does their website have proper documentation? Does that provide you with ease of testing the API from the documentation itself? Right kind of support would increase your ease of doing business as well.

Targeting the problems persisting in the Industry, Data Sports Group has developed the best football API available in the market that could serve all your needs. We have a robust checks and balances system in place led by experienced sports data analysts thus making sure our data is reliable & accurate. We cover all major football tournaments as well as also cover 35 more sports in case your business diversifies further.

We also offer engaging Live Sports content for your users with the support of advanced technology we are able to deliver 360° coverage to your audiences of major competitions and tournaments. Also, with our customizable data, open documentation and free support service you have the ability to integrate data more quickly. Other than this we offer host of other add on services as well.

In a Nutshell:

  • With the advent of technology in the sports industry, competition is fierce and the only hope for the business to survive is to be on their toes at all times. Decisions forms an integral part of this. Thus, the decision to select a football data provider for your business requires deep analysis.
  • Decision making involves evaluation of options available, for this, certain factors need to be kept in mind like Cost, Data Quality, Data Coverage, Live scores. API Flexibility, Support offered by the Football APIs.
  • We at Data Sports Group provide you with the cutting-edge technology of football APIs, enabling you to provide accurate and reliable data to your customers with continuous support and customization to suit your needs as you grow.


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