Written by Rajesh Dsouza
April 30, 2020
Fan Engagement
Automated Journalism
Video Highlights

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing sports and elevating it to a whole new level. While it is true that statistics and quantitative analysis have played a central role in games for a long time, AI is significantly impacting every aspect of sports on and off the pitch.

AI works in four basic ways providing:

  • Automated Intelligence
  • Assisted Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Autonomous Intelligence

AI technology mimics human ability to Sense, Think and Act. This leads to three areas of AI:

  1. Sensory AI: Images, Data & Video Analysis, Facial Recognition, Text Analytics
  2. Cognitive AI: Machine learning platforms, Deep learning platforms
  3. Executable AI: Natural language generation

 Artificially intelligent solutions for sports throw out a world of possibilities:

  • AI-enhanced analytics solutions
  • Conversational service solutions
  • Intelligent research solutions
  • Smart recommendation solutions
  • Pretrained vertical solutions

A digitally connected fan is becoming a sports venue’s biggest online influencer. Stadium owners and teams that provide more personalised digital experiences through stadium apps, digital offers direct to mobile phones, and game information on digital boards can increase fan engagement and generate new revenue opportunities

Below are the focus areas where Data Sports Group (DSG) content catalogue combined with AI platforms brings about interesting use cases for Media & Fan Experiences:

1. Chatbots and Smart Assistants:Sports teams are using virtual assistants to respond to fan inquiries across a wide range of topics including live game information, team & player stats, ticketing & venue information. Human customer service representatives will be able to intervene if the bot is unable to provide a satisfactory response to an inquiry.

2. Video Highlights: Serious fans are demanding in-depth commentary and analysis and others are looking for action packed highlights. Using real-time minute by minute game data, statistics and timelines provides an ability to assist production teams in creating highlight packages instead of teams manually selecting highlights

3. Automated Journalism: Media outlets are leveraging AI-driven automation to expand their sports coverage capabilities and increase revenue. AI-driven platforms are currently being used to translate hard data from sports into narratives.

Talk to us if you’d like to discuss an interesting use-case with an AI-led approach.


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