November 12, 2019

Sports Data
Smart Contract

Launched in August 2019, Honeycomb API Marketplace is live and ready to connect smart contracts to the external API data they need to create meaningful real-world applications. The marketplace has now officially listed Data Sports Group (DSG) Sports API.

DSG provides a premium sports catalogue offering for smart contract developers looking for an authentic and reliable data source. The API can be used to obtain live scores & in-game match timelines, match statistics, head to head and team & player information from their wide catalogue of sports.

The initial launch will see Soccer, Basketball & Tennis content made available through the Honeycomb marketplace. These APIs will be made available to Chainlink-enabled smart contract creators via per-call pricing. This removes the need to purchase annual API keys and developers can expect, within minutes, to connect their smart contract to the API.


About Honeycomb Marketplace:

Honeycomb is an API marketplace purpose-built for connecting smart contracts to high-quality external data inputs from some of the world's premier data providers. Smart contracts can query APIs on Honeycomb via decentralized Chainlink oracles, allowing the contract to execute in a highly reliable, end-to-end secure manner on networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Hyperledger.

To learn more about DSG's sports data solutions contact the Sales Team. Follow our latest developments on Twitter.


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