February 7, 2023


LIV Golf Series

A year ago the idea of the Saudi Arabia-backed New Professional Golf Tour had taken over the golfing community by storm. After a year now, it is time to check on the fledgling league once more and see how it transpired, also learn how the league plans to become a well-known player at the top of the sport. 

How did the idea of the LIV Golf series come about and what is it?

Using large payouts, A-list competitors, and slick marketing, the series—funded by Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund—has positioned itself as "an opportunity to revive golf." One of its catchphrases is even "Golf but louder."

The PGA Tour has been the highest level of professional golf for over a century. Challenging the current setup, LIV Golf's promoters want to present it as a player-power-focused alternative.

How does the Super Golf League of Saudi operate?

Saudi Golf LeagueWith three rounds instead of four and only 48 competitors instead of the PGA Tour's rosters, which may be three times as large some weeks, as it involves individual and team play events. In the Super Golf League of Saudi, three rounds without a cut are included in each of the regular events, and play starts with a shotgun start. The action in each event is spread over 54 holes rather than the more customary 72, and there is also a team format with a maximum of 48 players divided into 12 teams of four.

What distinguishes it from the PGA Tour?

With a few notable exceptions, PGA Tour competitions typically include four rounds of stroke play in which players compete to produce the lowest score. Now the new series might be strange to fans and players alike but the objective of LIV Golf is the same, which is to complete the 18-hole course in the fewest number of shots. 

Moreover, the significantly smaller fields, which only have 48 players, are another notable contrast. Each regular LIV Golf event includes both an individual competition and a team component, with the team component expected to become increasingly important as a franchise model is introduced. This will enable the 12 teams, each of which is led by a seasoned captain, to develop a strong fan base and attract their own sponsors.

It has already cost a fortune to launch the circuit, but with Major champions like Cameron Smith, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Patrick Reed, and Bryson DeChambeau choosing to switch from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf, it only seems a matter of time until other elite athletes follow their lead.

After a successful inaugural series last year, this year the number of events has increased

Eight events were present last year, but the series' planners have already made plans to increase that number to 14 for 2023. LIV Golf refers to the first seven tournaments of the 2022 season as the regular season. The eighth tournament, the team championship, was held at a Florida course owned by Donald Trump and included a four-day, four-round seeded match-play competition.

The Golf League Schedule for LIV Series 2023

The 14-tournament 2023 League spans from February to November and includes events in Mexico, the USA, Australia, Singapore, Spain, England, and Saudi Arabia.Pro Golf League The season would kick off in Mexico - El Camaleon Golf Club on February 24-26, and the championship match would be played out in Jeddahs Royal Greens Golf & Country Club in Saudi Arabia between 3–5 November. 

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf series will undoubtedly continue their conflict; Although we are still very much in the early stages, the second season has arrived, giving us a small glimpse into the professional golf of the future. Now is the time to ask the following question: Does LIV Golf complement the current ecosystem, ultimately satisfying the needs of both players and spectators, or is this the start of an open rivalry with the aim of dethroning the PGA Tour? Only time will tell. 

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