July 14, 2022

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The 22nd FIFA World Cup competition might just be played out for 28 days but the buzz stays the same. As the world would witness their first ever Winter World Cup in Qatar, which would run from 21 November to 18 December 2022, it is a crucial time for the sports operators to prep for it.

Since the World Cup is not too far off on the calendar, the energy, and pressure is already building. Fans enthusiastically anticipate to see their #1 players and teams perform on the world stage while sportsbook operators are well into the planning stage, locking down their promotional and advertising campaigns and most important of them all is their partner for the sports content.

The competition is fierce as all the sports betting operators try to catch the attention of bettors with the best of the best football coverage and popular competitions like the World Cup offers a chance to engage with more players. This World Cup would be far more interesting, as it would be the last time that 32 teams would be involved in the tournament, the limit has been increased to 48 teams now which would be applicable from the 23rd FIFA World Cup competition. But the fact that the international tournament would be a mid-season competition offers a lot of challenges to the sportsbook operators. They would have to be on their toes and stay flexible enough to engage with the audience and punters.

FIFA World CupIt is clear, the online bookmakers would have to deal with an immense surge in activity during the international tournament. In terms of betting during the World Cup period, one country in specific, Germany is quite active. Last year the estimated revenue from this particular country alone was $6.5 billion including online and offline gambling activities. Now that all over the world, online betting is getting legalized there would be a lot more punters on the market waiting to bet online and earn with a reliable sportsbook. Thus, the Sports betting operators will be contending more firmly than any other time in recent memory for a piece of the pie, and certainly, Data Sports Group can give their partners a strong edge.

One of the most important contributors to the growth of the betting industry is how sportsbooks have evolved over the years with the study of the behaviors of the customers. A number of top players in the market have managed to crack the code, which has helped them target the audience and offer a unique personalized experience for the betters. The customer trends give the sportsbooks a chance to innovate and deliver engaging content that further enhances the betting experience.

Sportsbooks are at an advantage

The fact that the World Cup is being held in the winter season has taken many by surprise but for sportsbooks, it is a boon as from the betting perspective it would be easier to retain the customers since the domestic season would be halted for Qatar World Cup 2022 and then the Premier League would restart on Boxing Day along with the Champions League knockout rounds. The international competition would offer them a unique opportunity and sportsbooks can just optimize the platforms and offer player and team-specific sports content which will allow the betters to place their bets.

The era of in-game betting offers more opportunities

Further technical advancements have even made live in-game betting a reality which is supported by live sports feeds offered by sports data providers. On a real-time basis, sportsbooks can update the odds on their platform which would assist the betters to make quick decisions. Over the course of 90 minutes, live in-game betting offers a chance for the betters to place multiple bets which would not be linked to the outcome of the match itself but to specific events like the likelihood of a specific player scoring the next goal. This improves the volume of the bets placed as the customers can place their bets at any time during the match rather than in the conventional system wherein betting would be seized right before the start of the match.

Why Data Sports Group?

As the demands of the punters increase, sportsbooks have no choice but to rely on sports data providers for the sports content solutions. Here is where Data Sports Group comes in.

Live Football Scores FeedData Sports Group will offer in-depth coverage of every game at the 2022 World Cup, with multiple language options as well which would elevate the experience of the end user. From top-notch editorial content to tech experts who will support you through the entire onboarding journey and afterward. The comprehensive coverage would improve the turnover time and even aid in making faster betting decisions. Customers would get detailed minute-to-minute updates live from Qatar itself.

We also offer responsive and attractive widgets which would allow operators to present their content related to the players, teams, and betting odds all in a compact and easily digestible manner. It would play a dual role in attracting and engaging the betters throughout the dramatic World Cup season.

Let’s wrap up: Powered by our reliable, fast, and flexible APIs, any sportsbook can take advantage of the globe's biggest sports tournament. Live Sports data along with easy integration and thorough documentation make us the best choice in the market. Our dedicated teams work round the clock to offer 24*7 Technical support to ensure a seamless flow of data. Let your data engage with a compelling storyline powered by our rich historic database.



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