January 29, 2021

Fantasy Sports

What you can do best do it yourself and what you can’t, outsource! The basic principle on which the world economy runs. One which any businessman needs to learn one day or the other. For any business, all Wiseman suggests figure out your business model, your business offerings which would lay the foundation for your business and it will lead you to success. When it comes to the fantasy game, developers first need the right fantasy sports data feed provider or without it there is no business to start with, success would be a far-fetched dream.

For laymen let me first explain what Fantasy sports is? It works on a very simple idea, it is an internet-based sports gaming platform wherein players form their own unique virtual teams and compete by basing their strategies on real-time sports data.

The concept though simple has been mastered by few and played by many. The key to success lies in choosing the right fantasy sports data provider. A fantasy player is much more engaged in the game and would be most likely to stick with you and invest only if the data on players is fast and reliable which many fail to provide and hence face the wrath of players.

So why we place such importance to sports data providers you ask?

Well, the main differentiating factor after a careful analysis of the industry leads us to say that the right data provider holds the power to make or break your business. Sports data feed providers are professional companies working towards collecting and assimilating reliable sports data from all around the world and making it available to broadcasters and other companies. With dedicated teams of data analysts and a huge team dedicated for collecting data points from live games 24*7 using in-house software.

Best Sports Data SolutionsFurthermore, they would be able to offer a wider coverage even for the leagues which are not popular. When we compare the data for soccer alone, for popular leagues like La Liga, English Premier League hosts of data is readily available and hence every fantasy game developer would include that but what would set you apart in the wider coverage in terms of depth and field both.

Such data would considerably impact the scoring model of a fantasy game. With more reliable and vast data to base, the model on a much more accurate representations can be made of the player and hence the game. The whole point of fantasy gaming is indulging sports enthusiasts and engaging them with the sports to benefit financially but sports enthusiasts often have a knack for data, when they wholeheartedly cheer for the team or player and are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars on them, they would mostly be up to date with what is happening and thus a real representation is necessary to hold their interest.

The context of data as well holds equal importance lets take an example to understand it, consider Crystal Palace's goalkeeper Wayne Hennesey, when we factor in players with clean sheets he would not be a top pick in that category but if we factor in saves he made, one would think about including him in the fantasy team anyone with the real knowledge of the game would carry that information and act on it.

Fantasy game recognizes players for their individual strengths and playing style which can only be truly immolated in the virtual world after the model is based on a comprehensive set of data.

Thus, after establishing the importance of Fantasy Sports Data Providers, let me walk you through on how to dig for the real gems which will act as a sturdy pillar for you. Any fantasy sports developer needs accuracy, real-time data, customization, support, coverage, and easy integrations from data providers.

All these factors need to be carefully considered before one commits their future with the wrong data provider. Accuracy of data has already been covered as inaccurate data would fail to build a loyal customer base. Real-time information with the least latency is needed to power the game as well to rope in sports enthusiasts who would expect nothing but perfection to stay hooked.

Sports Data & Analytics ProviderA broad coverage is where your business offerings finally come into question. Choose according to the sport you wish to base the fantasy game on but still choose the one with comprehensive and customizable coverage making expansion easy. Furthermore, last but not least as with any product or service we consume we look at the customer support service, the final piece of our long-drawn article. Ease of integration and support would ensure no technical difficulties would grip your game. Thus, you need to ensure how supportive is their back end when you face difficulties, their turnaround time when it comes to responding to queries all of this would affect your business one way or the other.

The purpose of this article was to enlighten you with what to look for in a sports data provider and to introduce you to Data Sports Group a fantasy sports data feed provider. After spending years in the industry, they have grown to be known as one of the best data providers out there, they are reliable, trustworthy and fast. Deliver on each and everyone of the factors discussed earlier. They also provide data in two distinct formats for consumptions JSON APIs or XML feeds with open documentation and free support service. Be it daily fantasy sports, season long fantasy sports or Esports Fantasy game they would deliver all that you need and more.


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