September 25, 2019

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Data fuels sports fantasy games. When you have the stats at your fingertips, you have the feeling that you know more about the sport than the average viewer. Fantasy players exhibit a far greater interest in games that are normally not watched. Therefore, it’s imperative to find a reliable and accurate sports data provider to create a successful fantasy game.

Fantasy games have gained worldwide popularity as it is considered a game of skill and therefore allowed to flourish in countries where sports betting (rather called game of chance) are not permitted.

Fantasy sports games all share a thirst for advanced statistics and information. In general, there is more data available for all popular sports and leagues played worldwide. DSG supplies advanced player statistics covering three dozen data points across a variety of football competitions.

DSG player data for the English Premier League, Spain La Liga, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A and 30+ football competitions includes:

  • Lineups & Subs on Bench
  • Goals (scored, own, penalty scored, penalty miss) & Assists
  • Substitutions & Cards
  • Fouls (committed, was fouled)
  • Shots (Total, On Target)
  • Passes (Total, Completed, Key)
  • Tackles, Touches, Chances Created
  • 20 other data metrics per player from every game

Added to this our data for Injuries & Suspensions, Player Career Stats, Player Ratings and more provides fantasy players with the required information to make informed game selections.

The availability of these detailed stats can have a big impact on the scoring model of a fantasy game. More data results in a more accurate representation of the ability of a player and ultimately in a better balanced and fairer fantasy game concept.

For a fantasy game, you’d be looking for the following in a sports data provider:

1. BulletProof Accuracy: Crucial aspect for any fantasy game is the reliability of the data provider for the incoming stats. Some of these stats can be disputed and sometimes errors unavoidable, however, the ability of a data provider in quick checks and balances and outstanding in-game query resolution provides a superior level of customer service. DSG also provides an additional layer of post-game data verification flags minutes after the games have concluded using which fantasy games settle final points tally.

2. Real-time Delivery: Fantasy sports players are constantly checking points updates during and after a game has ended. Therefore, it is critical to have minimum latency in the service. DSG latencies are under 60 seconds providing a quality user-experience for in-game points accumulation.

3. Flexibility: An extra level of flexibility with integration options, selection of data metrics for your game, DSG can tailor the service offering to the requirements of the fantasy game.

Whether you’re looking to boost fan engagement, launch social gaming or create gamification opportunities, fantasy sports provide a unique avenue to keep your user base involved with your brand.

DSG provides fantasy data services for over 20 sports and has existing partnerships with fantasy platforms to deliver a full spectrum of fantasy sports solutions.


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