January 14, 2020


The ability to accurately predict sporting outcomes based on machine learning algorithms has increasingly become an important part of the betting strategy.

The goal is to identify variables that have a strong influence on the outcome of a contest or event and calculate the individual probabilities for each possible result. Different statistical models like Regression Analysis and Probability Distributions like Bayesian Networks & Poisson Distribution are deployed to create a betting system. 

To begin with, the need to use solid data source providing granularity in data is the foundation of a valid modelling exercise. DSG’s data rich features include:

(a) Detailed historical data stretching several seasons back

(b) Advanced match data with advanced team & player statistics covering 40+ data points

(c) Pre-Match Bookmaker & Consensus Odds for various lines

With our accurate data, you can model markets, create innovative betting options and gain relevant insights to aid effective betting decisions.

Learn more about our data capabilities by reaching out to our team.


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