DSG launches suite of content management tools for publishers


DSG has launched tools for content management for its clients to manage their editorial & translations.

The editorial tool allows publishers, sports portals & news agencies to run & manage their own news content. This allows publishers to have better control over their editorial content, doing away with the need of having a subscription service of news provider.

Salient features of the tool allows for uploading images, creating social media posts & managing social media hashtags.

The translation tool is developed for clients to translate sports data to their own preferred language. We supply a full translated feed in over 10 languages however; this tool allows for further customization of words in specific dialects or addition of new languages to provide a localized data feed.

The translation service is directly integrated to the XML Data Feed or Widgets.

To learn more about our suite of content management tools, reach out to our Sales Team: sales@datasportsgroup.com